Specialized tools for the agricultural sector 

(patent no 2010/06079)

This is the easiest way I have seen in 50 years to clamp or secure anything from a plastic water pipe to a underground windmill leaking pipe in the Karoo. Wow now the farmers will for the first time save time, hands. And leaks will be easy to fix and to prevent!

What a Godly instrument to make life easy and do a job properly without much technique or input, even a light muscle youngster can do this!

Veterinarian from the Karoo

About Us

Leon Van Der Walt

Business owner

Started in 2004, LEO Equipment is a family business and a close nit team, spearheaded by Leon van der Walt. With a history as a professional inventor and countless items he has envisioned and brought to life over the years, Leon has now solved many problems for the farmer, who faces daily challenges.  

Leo Equipment has a wide range of products available for the Agricultural market as well as tools for working with wire.


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124 Weber Street, Meyerspark, 0184, Pretoria East, South Africa